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Is reading my blog going to corrupt your artistic creativity?

Here I am, doing my best to deliver you with the most useful information, trying to make my blog popular so all of you will visit my website and my name as artist will have a better chance standing out from among tens of thousands of amazing world wide international artists!

But the truth is, the more your study, the less creative you become! That's a fact based on philosophical psychology. Here goes my philosophy about life, art and learning... Well, we are all born blank pages and as we go along in life, we are given knowledge. This information is made by definitions... what yes what no, what to do what not to do, what is in our interest and what is not. Slowly and gradually we are being tutored and surrounded by definitions and plastered so we can fit better.

It begins as we are born, by the people who raise us (our dear mom and dad), to our family, (our lovely siblings), surrounding, friends, school, college, work etc...

How else are 7 plus billion people supposed to live on one small planet? had we not been caged up in chains we would be living in Mad Max world...

Well, art is no different... The artist in you decides one day they want to give the world the best art the world had ever seen, better than Van-Gogh, better than picasso and no match for Rembrandt! But dreams are one side and reality is another! so begins the search for doing it all better and with as less mistakes as possible (of course with internet, youtube and my blog it's being delivered like a gold spoon directly into your mouth!)

Some people go to art classes, some watch youtube videos, some learn from private professionals and some are living in conflict with themselves as I am.

Well, here's what I think about learning...

It's great. It saves time, money and energy... but... and there's a big but... when you do what you are being taught, then you have missed the road not taken and perhaps on that road full of mistakes was waiting for you the best treasure - your creativity at it's best!

I guess it's each one's decision how to proceed and what to absorb in learning. By going to art class, you are already tempering with your creativity. The teacher is probably a professional with a proven selling career so it's big privilege to learn from such right? well... depends in my opinion... I guess in the end it's all about the balance. Some people are feeling the need to do things their way with as less interference by others and to let their most basic dna come to live, while others feel the need to study from art masters. Both are ok by the way.

The conclusion is that both are ok by the way. There is no right or wrong. It's all about you and what is in your nature to proceed. Personally i wish my most raw and wild dna to be transferred to the canvas and so I avoid interference and dump of knowledge from others.

But I do watch youtube videos. My first blog describe how to clean a paintbrush. Well, I guess there are many ways of cleaning a paintbrush and I just delivered one which seemed quite logic since the purpose is not to destroy the paintbrush, however another argument can be that maybe it's better to destroy a paintbrush and then there's another effect which can come to life using that twisted paintbrush... so as you can see, I stand by my opinion that there's no wrong or right just a way of doing things whatever the outcome is. It does no harm in discovering different ways or be creative and think by yourself what is best for you. Again maybe if you feel frustrated knowing it's not best for you, and then maybe you'll hit the jackpot using that frustration as I did in that next artwork )

To summarize... read if you want, learn if you will or ignore everything and just do it yourself your way as Elvis did or was it Frank Sinatra ? (actually the song was written by Jean Claude Francois and later Paul Anka) but who knew !?

Anyway, I will do my best in my blogs to not corrupt your artistic creativity. I'll try to be as best aware to where the red lines are and if you feel me crossing them, please notify me!

Does my post made sense to you?

ika (artist. philosopher. Always living in conflict....)


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