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Learn how to clean your acrylic paint brushes...

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Welcome to my blog !

In which I'm going to do my best to deliver you with the most useful and secret tips I have come across.

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In case you're wondering how in the world this beautiful Santorini picture have to do with cleaning brushes ?

Well, it does !!!

This is how your brushes will look and feel after watching the video...

Turns out it's all about liquid soap, olive oil and a small palette.

The truth every artist encounters is that buying a brush and then wrong handling destroys it and then it's kind of frustration... well, no more!

Basic Paintbrush Handling Acrylic Tips and Tricks for Beginners! (2 min)

( This video was brought to you by Amanda The Buzzed Artist )

Feel free to register to Amanda's youtube channel...

I really like the way she delivers useful information.

How do you clean your paint brushes ?

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