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Original Artworks and High Quality Prints on Artquid

High quality Posters, Canvas Prints, Acrylic and Metal Prints & Fine Art Paper in various sizes by choice for sale.

(August 2, 2019)

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Added blog to website...

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(July 26, 2019)

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Featured artworks for sale

Original artworks and signed prints available including a showcase how it looks on your wall...

(Shipments from Israel)


(May 1, 2019)

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Ranked No.1 for Abstraction

on artistaday.com

Happy to see that my black and white series art is leading the abstraction at 1st place with over 900 votes on one of the top international artists websites.


(February 28, 2019)


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on artistaday.com

Isn't this something ?!


(June 8, 2018)


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artist 2017.jpg

First Group Art Exhibition coming up in GDCA in LA

My first Group Art Exhibition coming up next week at Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery downtown LA, during the month of March and will be showing these 3 artworks.

(February 28, 2017)

My new redesigned website is up and running, and so is instagram and facebook page!

Instagram: @artist.ika


(October 22, 2016)