Born 1970
Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.
ika is Self-taught.

He also studied at the Neviim Work Studio School of Arts in Haifa with Anna Dubinsky and Omri Sudri.

ika's first exhibition show took place in Los Angeles at the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery in 2017, and was highly acclaimed.

Works by ika are included in many private collections in Israel and abroad, including the collection of Avi Ifrah (Owner of Diaghilev Boutique Art Hotel)

Group exhibitions

March 2017   -   Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery  (Los Angeles, USA)

December 2019   -  "Towards the Light" - Beit Zionei America - ZOA House, Tel-Aviv, Israel)


"Art is a two way rope, one to hang yourself and the other to pull you from that deep well you've fallen to".

"Everyone is capable of drawing a line, make a point and mix colors, however creating beautiful art rests with those who can connect all these dots together into one harmonic composition."

״The visible Art I create is merely the tip of the iceberg that can be seen. The real art is hidden deep below... in my DNA, my thoughts, my IQ, and my soul".

"I am being torn between good and bad only to have my art as balance".


"Every time I create Art,
 I get reminded for the
 reason of my existence."

- ika

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