"The visible Art I create is merely the tip of the iceberg that can be seen.
The real art is hidden deep below... in my DNA, my thoughts, my IQ, and in my soul".

Ika's life is a journey of self awareness. At some point this path met the arts and that's when he started to create and translate his DNA onto the canvas in visual form.

The artist's core is one with his unconventional philosophical thoughts about existence.

Ika writes «As living organisms we try to give meaning to our lives by forming definitions so we can understand better our existence. We do that with the five senses we were given… Seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting. »

Ika's life has been one adventurous road of daring to think beyond these five senses.

It is well known that blind people can smell better, hear sharper and feel other presence around. He too believes that when we shut down parts of our senses, we actually get to encounter different experiences.

Ika's art begins where the five known senses are lowered down.

It is created in that special zone which we cannot define…

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